SUMMER SUMMIT VIDEOS: Brand Boycotts & Sponsorship Synergy

The Truth About Brand Boycotts

Jim Meier and co-author Frank Findley saw the Bud Light “brand divorce” coming. Meier explains how their conclusions are supported by the MASB Brand Investment & Valuation (BIV) model, which established drivers of a “generally accepted” brand preference/choice standard metric. Each element of this model has played out already or will likely play a role in Bud Light’s future.

Sponsorship Accountability: The Power of Synergy

Larry DeGaris, Executive Director of the Medill Spiegel Research Center at Northwestern University, discusses how sponsors can reach and engage audiences, activate sponsorships, and leverage sponsorships into brand preference and product sales. Lessons learned include the importance of social experiences in driving fan behavior, the role of activation and the primary driver of results, and the importance of building brands in achieving financial results.

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