MMAP Audit, Training & Advisory Services

MMAP is the first “standard” approved by MASB as the process for connecting marketing activities to interim outcome metrics to financial performance metrics, and includes an audit of how the metrics meet the validation & causality characteristics of an ideal metric. While an example project profiles a specific “ideal metric”, members of MASB and an academic search could not find other metrics that might serve as examples.

During the past several decades, the marketing community has paid little attention to measurement development, specifically the validation and causality characteristics that are necessary to reliably measure, forecast and improve financial return. As there is a large gap between measurement requirements and skill-sets in the field, there will be growing demand for training and advising on how to meet the MMAP standards.

The MMAP Center Advisory Group provides the audit, training & advisory services to help measurement providers and users understand, evaluate and meet more of the MMAP characteristics. (Underway and On-Going; MMAP Center)