Kelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson ESPN

MASB Director since 2014, Kelly Johnson is VP of Advertising & Marketing Intelligence at ESPN, where she has served in various market research roles since 2002. Kelly and her team are responsible for driving Sales and Marketing’s strategic priorities with data and insights to grow revenue and audience while demonstrating ROI for advertisers and ESPN.

Kelly has been a key participant in ESPN’s groundbreaking cross-media research initiatives over the past several years, including Project Blueprint. She is the Grand Winner of the 2011 ARF Great Minds Award in the Rising Star category, and was co-author of the paper “Cracking the Cross-Media Code” (JAR, June 2010), which debunked notions of convergence and cannibalization and explained ESPN’s Seven Principles of Cross-Media Research.

She graduated from the University of Oregon with a BS in Business Administration and has an MBA from the University of Oregon’s Warsaw Sports Marketing Center.

Kelly is on the Continuous Improvement in Return Project team.