Sunil Garga

Sunil (Sunny) Garga  has been a MASB Advisory Council member since 2014 and served as its chair 2015 – 2016. Founder and CEO of [m]PHASIZE, he is widely recognized as a visionary leader and catalyst in helping marketers achieve higher ROI from their marketing investments. He founded [m]PHASIZE to deliver a better way to link marketing investment to consumer behavior & sales. Under Sunny’s leadership and guidance, [m]PHASIZE has quickly risen to an industry leader “cracking the code” on quantifying cross media ROI and linking consumer survey tracking data to actual in-market sales performance.

Prior to founding [m]PHASIZE, Sunny was President of IRI’s Global Business & Consumer Insights and President of Marketing Management Analytics (MMA) where he managed over 1,000 marketing ROI engagements. Sunny is frequently invited to speak at key industry forums and was named a media maven by Ad Age.

He holds an MBA in marketing and an undergraduate degree in commerce and accounting.